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Discount Codes

Use Discount Codes at Checkout, whether you're looking for a sauna booth, steam shower, a simple stool or anything else, we want to give you the best value possible.

  • Flash Sale: Use Discount Code HAPPY2 to get 2% off your entire order

To use a discount code, first go to checkout, enter the discount code in the discount bar, click on "Apply" or the arrow key and make your purchase!

Only one discount coupon may be used per order, discount codes can not be combined with free roadside assistance and can not be redeemed after purchase.

If you want to save more, we can talk about a great deal. Just shoot us an email or call us at the number provided in the header. We love to talk with our customers!

Go ahead and place your order today. And if you have any questions:

Give us a call at 800-459-4561

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