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About Us

Our Vision

Houux is about living in comfort with emphasis on promoting extraordinary health. We believe health is a consequence of how you think (mind), what you do (body) and where you live (environment). The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand is the essence of craftsmanship which is the result of the mind, body, and environment working together to form a masterpiece. As in health, your body is your greatest masterpiece.

What you see on Houux are some of the best products in the market that follows the same principle; the belief that comfort and extraordinary health is the result when you give yourself permission for more, without sacrificing who you are. And the outcome is a masterpiece just like you.  

Our Story

Houux was built from the ground up to deliver a service the founders realised was missing from the market. The story started with friends from across the globe who shared a common belief that premium craftsmanship should be affordable to those who want to invest in it without having to settle for substandard quality. The existing marketplace for bath, salon, and spa products were almost identical in their quality and services. And no one stopped to consider if the product was a good fit for the customer based on health, aesthetics, and value.

Houux was born out of frustration for the current market. The founders also had families with different needs and wants from the United Kingdom and United States. Knowing the cultural differences, aesthetics and health concerns from around the world, the allure of bettering lives became the company’s moral compass. So we set out to build a business around people’s most intimate moments while making sure to focus on extraordinary health with luxury and aesthetics becoming the foundation at unbeatable values.

Houux is evolving daily to keep up with the demands. You’ll noticed new items are added to the catalog regularly and our service just keeps improving. This is our promise to you in keeping up with the latest development in the industry that we think impacts you. We are serious when we say we want the best for you because there is no business to talk about without you and your feedback. Your story with us is just beginning...

Who We Are

Houux is proud to be one of the top providers for bath, salon, and spa experience. We are recognised in the UK and USA as one of the industry leaders with partners nationwide offering a wide selection of hand-crafted modern tubs, showers, toilets, bidets, saunas, contemporary vanities, whirlpools, assistive products and much more. Our clients are homeowners, builders, designers and businesses.

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Live Extraordinary.

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